About Love

It’s hard to describe Love M with one word … illusionist, humorist, magician, entertainer-everything is true and yet it is nothing that gives him full justice However, with two words describe the experience he always gives his audience: “Magic entertaining!”

Love has worked professionally as entertaining magician since 1984 and appeared in 59 countries, sometimes with large stage shows with modern magic and other times with mingle magic where he moves around among the guests and wonder and admiration. At other times it will Close Up shows where he interacts with the audience.
“World class” says many who experienced Loves arts. Do you ask him yourself, he uses rather
the term “World class”, for it is as “host” he feels when he takes on a mission – a host with
the task of creating an enchanted atmosphere!

You can use the services of Love as the evening’s main number at a conference or an event. You can book him as an audience magnet at a fair or an exhibition

You can give him the title of moderator or audience heater.
You can also allow him to assume the role of head of the Conference Hotel, Head waiter at the gala dinner or as the company’s 200-year-old founder who pops up as if by pure magic.
Love Melander, art to mesmerize an audience-and he does it with humor. Laughter is an important
component of Loves offer. He is also the only illusionistartist that offer a “customer satisfaction guarantee”. If you Love entertainment and something would not find that his show has been entertaining, so he simply promises to conjure away the invoice – so far, however, he never had to do it!